Why We Focus on Bio - Waste Shredder

Our high quality Bio-waste shredder is designed to keep the environment pollution free by shredding the Bio- wastes at field level

Shredder machine is used for shredding i.e. converting macro agricultural waste products into small or micro size easily decomposable form, which can be used as healthy organic manure.

We can shred soft and medium farm wastes in dry & wet condition, into highly nutrient organic manure by using of our bio shredder machine

We can shred ...

Coconut husk
Coconut fronds
Harvested banana pseudo stem
Branches of Soft wood trees

It is an effective machine to chop all the above farm wastes and help the farmers to generate organic manure at their farm level.

Our High Quality Bio - Waste Shredder Machine Leads to the Farming Community
     towards better Organic Farming

Organic farming is a form of agriculture that relies on sustainable techniques to enhance the natural fertility of a farm, including, naturally-sourced fertilizers such as compost, manure, green manure,. The agricultural approach emphasizes sustainability, openness, independence, health, and safety.

Organic farming provides long-term benefits to people and the environment without any hazards.

  • Organic farming is agriculture that makes healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy food and healthy environment as top priority along with crop productivity.

  • Organic farmers use biological fertilizers as inputs to improve soil quality and build soil organic matter in a natural way.

  • Crucial soil functions such as water-holding capacity,soil microbial activity & nutrient cycling are strongly influenced by the soil profile,particularly the degree to which it forms soil aggregates.

  • Aggregates and the pore spaces in between are key components of the soil microbial habitat.

  • Improving soil organic matter also helps to absorb and store carbon and other nutrients needed to grow healthy crops.

  • Organic agro products command premium prices in the market.

  • Organic farming practices can improve soil and water quality.

    We also aim at:

  • Improving long-term soil fertility with minimal operational cost at field level.

  • Using the available resources which incur low cost in purchasing farm inputs.

  • Producing better organic produces for a healthy world.

    Salient features of our eco friendly machine:

  • The organic matter shredded will be in small and tiny pieces to enable the farmer to make use of the same for producing organic manure and vermi compost

  • Bio-Shredder Assembly can be operated with a Tractor's -PTO shaft rotation with a power of above 35 HP. The assembly consists of one fixed blade and six rotary blades

  • The sturdy construction of machine assures the long life and durability of the machine.

    We would like to deliver a few lines about our machine for your kind references in the following areas:

    1.   Fully computerized design.
    2.   Hi-tech laser sheet cutting.

    3.   Quality as well as graded raw materials are used.

    4.   Fly wheel balancing is used for smooth and long life of the bearing.

    5.   Properly hardening of both blades for effective cutting and long life.

    6.   The distance between the fixed and rotary blades is reduced up to 1.5mm which helps us for
          effective shreddering process.

    7.   Blades are made OHNS (Oil hardening and non Shrinking) and HCHCr for rotary and
          fixed blades respectively.

    8.   Blades are machined as surface grinding methodology.

    9.   Attractive powder coating is done for elegance look.

    10. Ensured one year service warranty.

    Benefits of our machine:

    It is Eco- friendly, because of its;

  • Smoke free results that avoid air pollution.

  • No burning involved in disposal of farming waste which maintains the microorganism level in the soil effectively

  • It is the proper solution for farm waste management system as it reduces the stress in clearing the farm waste

  • To shred all the farm wastes (dry & wet) effectively and help the farming community to have organic manure at their farm level with less operational costs.

  • The shredded wastes enrich the soil fertility and acts as organic mulching for the retention of soil moisture along with the effective control of weeds.

  • It helps to reduce the application of chemical fertilizer.

  • To create income generating self employment activities in rural youth population.

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